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Song rejected for 2001: A Space Odyssey Released after 51 years
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Stanley Kubrick’s enigmatic film 2001: A Space Odyssey has posed a puzzle from the first. The unsettling story of a manned space journey to Jupiter, it continues to intrigue audiences 50 years after its release. But now, thanks to a small British record label, a “lost” original song, commissioned especially for the film but never used, is winning admiration from fans for the way it catches the flavour of a cinematic one-off. “I gave the song what I believe is its first airplay on my Scala Radio show a few weeks back,” said Mark Kermode, the Observer’s film critic. “Audience reaction was utterly polarised, but I have the suspicion it will become a cult favourite. It is very ear-wormy.” Speaking to the Observer from California, the song’s composer, Mike Kaplan, a film-industry veteran and Kubrick’s former long-time publicist, said he is astonished to find a piece of music he put his heart into all those years ago is belatedly gaining airtime following its release as a single a few...
As Americans face the worst mental health crisis in two decades, the psychiatrists tasked with helping them are also burning out
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The mental health of Americans is the worst it's been in the last two decades, and the demand for mental healthcare is at an all-time high. As psychiatrists and frontline workers in this mental health crisis, we have a tremendous collective responsibility. But the physical toll and emotional nature of our work has left many of us struggling with pandemic-era burnout. In order to help others and reduce the stigma around mental illness, we need to lead by example by being more open about our own challenges and help ourselves first. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't address the practical steps that can be taken by employers, whether that's a hospital or private practice, to support mental health workers by cutting back on time spent on tasks outside of helping patients like administrative work. Physicians die by suicide at twice the rate of any other profession, with roughly one doctor dying every day. The lack of time for self care and the stigma around seeking help — deepened...
Siegfried and Roy are fucking dead
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Siegfried Fischbacher, who worked with Roy Horn to create the famous animal training and magic duo of Siegfried & Roy, has died, according to the Associated Press and German outlets. He was 81. Fischbacher died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. His death comes eight months after Horn died due to COVID-19 on May 8, 2020. Horn was 75. Siegfried & Roy were among Las Vegas’ most famous performers, incorporating more than 55 white lions, white tigers, leopards, jaguars and an elephant in their astounding acts. They started performing in Las Vegas in 1967 at revues like Hallelujah Hollywood and Lido de Paris. The pair started performing at the Mirage hotel in 1989, selling out almost nightly in what was formerly the largest hotel in Las Vegas. Fischbacher and Horn first met on a cruise ship, where Horn was working as a steward and Fischbacher as an entertainer. Horn smuggled his pet cheetah aboard the ship and asked Fischbacher if he knew how to make one disappear. Fischbacher...
Camel whores himself for ED privs again
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@Haha Yes tries to redeem himself after getting the discord banned by posting an appeal to all black Alabama cocks to fuck his ass and exposing his shit stained black boxers.
Camel whores himself for ED privs again.
All social media just banned Drumpf
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Read the title Citations are for faggots we all saw it Thoughts?
Kalifornia's Killer Kostume Kills one with Kovid, Infects Others
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A worker has now died after over 40 emergency staff members at a hospital in San Jose tested positive for COVID-19 in the past week. An air-powered costume with a fan may be to blame. NBC Bay Area reports 43 workers have tested positive over the past week. One employee passed away. She was a registration clerk in the emergency department at Kaiser Permanente. NBC Bay Area reports the hospital is investigating whether an incident where a staff member briefly wore a costume with an air-powered fan on Christmas Day could have led to air droplets being spread around the hospital. “Using our infection proven protocols, we are investigating the outbreak and using contact tracing to personally notify and test any staff or patients who were exposed during this time period based on CDC and public health guidelines,” a spokesperson said in a statement to NBC Bay Area. Kaiser said the worker wearing the costume didn’t have symptoms at the time. The hospital said the emergency department...
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